Saturday, April 09, 2005

Killer App: Cluttr

Problem: My room is filled with shit. Books. Bed. Tv. Laptop. Clothes, everywhere. My friend Alan came over to smoke, (I quit), he moved shit about, so I hurt my foot on it.

Problem: There is not enough space for comfort.

Problem: There should be enough space, but there isn't.

Problem: All available [floor]space is occupied by useless things of no function.

Problem: Architects suck. My friend Niall is a good designer but a bad architect. It's why I like him.

Problem: When building a house, you have to get it right once. My father is building at the moment, and it's snafu - they are idiots, they can't do it right, they put everything in the wrong place and don't get council approval.


An application which takes an estimate of the typical stuff you have, are likely to have, and will ever have. It figures on having sufficient powerpoints everywhere. It makes sure doors don't open into spaces that feel "cramped". Space and minimalism is encouraged.

Then, you run agents through it.
  • Agents in small places lose happyness
  • Agents who cannot get from A to B in less than 3 steps lose happyness
  • Agents move 50% of their time (half "sleeping", half active).
  • Agents are affected by heat, cold, and sound. (Random events, or based on weather data?)
If an agent can't maintain happyness, the house layout is reshuffled, the stuff layout is reshuffled.

It's autopilot sims applied to real life. It's feng shui gone digital. It's Cluttr: The Home Usability Tool.
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