Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Some People Just Don't Get It

Online Poker ?

There's a bit of a fuss being kicked up about this. The original idea wasn't communicated well, so the unwashed masses are highly critical of it. What they are failing to appreciate is the dramatic decrease in traffic experienced by whomever is ranked number 10 in google's results.
Also, it's adding a factual article which is of some use to the world into what is otherwise a seedy domain.
Thirdly, it's centralising some of the efforts to fight spam - not very nice of the blogosphere, but better to have a community of people that can revert an article and despam it than making the individual do it.
Fourthly, who ever is getting less traffic gets less money so it's going make an impact on someone. Frankly, I hope they can't afford their next ivory backscratcher.

In other news, have you ever made a really really stupid coding mistake and not realized it till you'd blurted it out? Have a chuckle at my foolishness.
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