Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Firefox in Australia

Readers of Slashdot, firefox lovers, it brings a smile to my face to read articles like this. Some of the choicer quotes.

Mr Robertson says Firefox's development community of more than 900 software engineers worldwide - many in Australia - was key when it came to selecting Firefox.

"Firefox has the best pedigree, with an active engineering community, wide community support and long history," he says. "It run(s) on most popular platforms. It has a consistent and stable interface, nice features like tabbed browsing and can be extended should we need to modify it or add to it."


Such is the case with the Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW, which serves 8000 users through a mixed fleet of Apple iMacs and Windows PCs at more than 250 sites. CIO Greg Carvouni says Mozilla web browser deployment saved the government department 20 per cent of its annual budget - about $2 million - through a reduction in software licences and staff reductions.

"Firefox is clearly where we should be," Mr Carvouni says. "We'll roll it out either in our next standard operating environment (a desktop update), or the one after. Firefox makes the (desktop) a bit more lightweight and customisable, and we're able to lock it down against user tampering."

For large organisations, Firefox supports enterprise management technologies such as a configuration system for managing user preferences, specification of rules for web access (WPAD), digital certificate security rules (OSCP), and automatic user login to servers (NTLM). These make centralised administration of large Firefox deployments possible.

Hurray, pro Australian open source advocacy.

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