Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Rolling With Ruby On Rails

Rolling with Ruby On Rails was the first thing I ever did in Ruby.



Just... really, really... wow.

Ruby doesn't impress me too much. Rails... where I can tell what's not Ruby... is simply amazing. PHP has a lot to learn from this.

The gist of it? I was able to whip up something that made forms straight from the database. Hell, it made the entire application from the database. I define my fields in the database and it makes the forms.

ZOOSH! (Zoom, and Whoosh... but it's Ruby on Rails, so they only need to do it once).

Everything is facetted... it's PHP's Smarty built into the application framework. Database abstraction... built in. Forms manger... built in. Want a new facet? Override the old, and whammo!

I'm going to have a go at getfridged with Ruby.
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