Thursday, November 11, 2004

The latest ongoing hack

Update: it's called google earth.
Imagine: You are looking to buy a house. You want to be able to look inside of the house. You want to be able to search for things you like and things you do not like in a house.

Current Solutions:
Hodge podge realestate sites. A few inside photos taken with a digital camera and posted on the web. A price tag, an agent summary of the house.

Why this is bad:
Agents lie. You often have to do a physical inspection of a property to get a feel for it. It's a waste of your time and day.

Proposed Solution:
Semantic Web Friendly X3D renderings of houses. Ontology to describe housing attributes. X3D model tools to combine digital photos into a 3d model with a wireframing process. You can then "float" through a house, from room to room and get an idea of each object.

Can be also used in VRML type things, and could be ported to games (ie, in C++). Real world games.

Starting Points:
X3D - successor to VRML, which died in the arse. No killer app. No browser support. Better yet, X3D is open. They have an Open Source browser written in Java. PERFECT.

So, we'll start with a snapshot of the codebase. 10 Oct 2004:

Current progress - just installed. Future updates will track this progress.
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